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West Virginia has become the example to the nation of the ravages of opioid addiction. As the state's flagship university, West Virginia University believes it has the responsibility to search for solutions in all areas -- whether it be in medical laboratories, clinics, board rooms, class rooms, etc. This fall's Academic Media Day brought together seven speakers from around the campus to provide a view of those efforts.

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Ali Rezai

Neuroscience Advances & Foundations to Treat Opioid and Other Addictions

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Cassie Leonard

Assistant Professor, Obstetrics and GynecologyWVU School of Medicine

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Frankie Tack

Clinical assistant professor and addiction studies minor coordinatorCollege of Education and Human Services

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John Deskins

Associate Professor, EconomicsDirector, Bureau of Business and Economic Research

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Marc Haut

Department of Behavioral Medicine and PsychiatryWest Virginia University School of Medicine

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Paul Speaker

Associate Professor, Finance; Adjunct Associate Professor, Economics College of Business and Economics

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Suzanne Bell

Director, Department of Forensic and Investigative Science

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