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Marc Haut

Marc Haut portrait

Department of Behavioral Medicine and PsychiatryWest Virginia University School of Medicine

Marc W Haut, PhD, ABPP is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist who came to WVU in 1989 as an Assistant Professor for his first job after completing his training.  He has been an active clinician, educator and researcher.  In previous roles he has directed neuropsychology training and services and headed the psychology section.  Currently he is a full tenured Professor and Chair of the Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry at WVU.  He has focused on expanding clinical psychiatric and behavioral health services to underserved areas of the state through ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) programs and telepsychiatry.  In addition, he has been focused on expanding clinical services to address the current opioid epidemic.  WVU is utilizing grant funding and collaborations throughout the state to expand Medication Assisted Treatment through the use ECHO and a Hub & Spoke Model.  Finally, Dr. Haut has been building the research infrastructure of the department to support development of novel treatment programs to improve outcome for addiction services.

Download The Substance Use Epidemic: Addressing a Complex Problem with Innovative Solutions presentation PDF.